2019 March

Syrian Militants Attack Christian City of Mhardeh — Again
Egypt legalises 156 churches with many more still waiting
United Nations: food production in North Korea ‘lowest for a decade’
China: Henan Christians taken into custody
Churches Deprived of Their Worship Buildings in Tamil Nadu, India
West African Court Faults Government of Nigeria for Failing to Stop Killings in Benue State
Trump Administration backs down, allows Iranian Christian refugees to settle in USA
Death threat graffiti to Armenian Christians in Turkey?
Christian protests ignored as cross is torn down from church in China
Second pastor kidnapped by militant Buddhist forces in Myanmar
Police standards investigation opened after arrest of Nigerian street preacher in London
Ethiopia: Communal Violence Threatens Progress
Fulani Herdsmen Kill At Least 40 Christians
Pressure pays off for the people of Sudan
China: Authorities beat Christian couple
China: 'Police...beat those who resisted' as Christians defend cross
Nigeria’s Middle Belt Report: Boko Haram and Fulani Militants Terrorize Central Nigeria in February 2019
Report Shows 57 Percent Jump in Aggression against Christians in India
ChinaAid's Annual Persecution Report demonstrates increase in persecution
Video: Smuggling Aid into North Korea
Christians targeted as China braces for major political meetings
Political party campaigns for Nepal to become a Hindu state
Indonesia: Christian student faces jail sentence for blasphemy
China: Conference attendees release 'urgent appeal' on behalf of persecuted church
US-North Korea talks continue the status quo
Muslim Mobs Attack 10 Church Buildings in Ethiopia
“You Are Finished!” Threaten Vandals Against Church in Turkey
Election Violence Already Spreading in Nigeria
Four Christian Women Falsely Accused of Blasphemy in Pakistan
Christian in India’s Odisha State Found Beheaded

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