2019 April

Persecution Update: The Bible, So Dangerous It Must Be Destroyed!
Sudan: on the cusp of change
Crosses Desecrated at Christian Cemetery in Indonesia’s Yogyakarta
Pastor Falsely Accused of Forced Conversion by Hindu Munnani in Tamil Nadu
Pakistanis Call For Laws Against Forced Conversions
Shaanxi Government Demolishes the Only Parish in Qianyang
Asia Bibi: is she in Pakistan?
Donbas, Luhansk Region Police Raid Churches
Religious Liberties Under Attack in US Congress
Hong Kong schedules sentencing hearing for 'Umbrella Nine'
Food Deprivation, Beatings and Jail as Christians Suffer in Jharkhand, India
Nigeria’s Middle Belt Report: Violent Fulani Attacks Continue to Threaten Nigeria’s Stability
Pray for Leah Sharibu
Laws against extremism too difficult to do for UK government
Bouteflika leaves door open for Al Qaeda to grab power in Algeria
It’s a different kind of dog’s life for Kazakh converts, and they love it
Praying Christians forced to burn own Bibles by extremist gang in India
Kyrgyzstan: “We are going to lock you in prison and you are going to beg me for your life”
Indonesia: Polarisation, Islamisation and Bloodshed
The Power of Story: 10 Must-Read Books about Persecution
Malaysia: special report finds police took pastor Raymond Koh
Imam in Eastern Uganda Faces Wrath of Muslims after Putting Faith in Christ
Kazakhstan: Human rights organization re-opens after founder's arrest
Committee formed to advance nationalist Hindu movement in Nepal
Pastor Severely Beaten by Unknown Assailants in Nepal
Egypt Sentences 30 for Planning Church Attack
Underground Church Leaders Repeatedly Detained in China
Christian Group Endures Assault by Radicals in India
Police Responsible for Disappearance of Pastor in Malaysia, Rights Commission Concludes
China: Human rights activists stand trial for Tiananmen Massacre commemoration

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