Fulani Militants Attack Again

Source:  www.jubileecampaign.org

Date:  April 17, 2019

This past Sunday, April 14, 2019, gunmen believed to be Fulani militants, also known as Fulani herdsmen, invaded and attacked a village in the Andaha community of Nasarawa State. They killed 16 people including a 100 year old man, and a girl who they raped to death.  300 000 people have become internally displaced due to the violence since 2017.  Fulani militants have killed over 100 Nigerian Christians since February.

"No mercy is shown to the poor or the vulnerable"

Four years have passed and we continue to witness egregious human right violations by Fulani Militants in Nigeria's Middle Belt. Killings, rapes, kidnappings and the taking of land from Christian communities is among the actions Fulani Militants take to deprive innocent lives of their precious rights. No mercy is shown to the poor or the vulnerable, as reports show that infants and the elderly are also victims of such attacks. The Herald reports Senator Gyunka stated “The unfortunate thing is that the victims--the father, mother and their boy--were killed. A pregnant woman was involved in this attack. An aged person, above 100 years, was also involved in the attack. They did not spare women or children and these were the people that didn’t have arms.”

"The nature of the violence is abominably cruel and it must end now."

Fulani militants are increasingly violent and continue their frequent attacks on villages in Central Nigeria. These attacks are part of an ongoing pattern of violence targeting Christians specifically. The motivation for the herdsmen is no longer just an effort to find grazing land for their cattle. The nature of the violence is abominably cruel, and it must end now.

Please join us in praying for our brothers and sisters in Nigeria who fear for their lives and the safety of their villages. Please also pray for the Fulani militants, specifically that God may soften their hearts and put an end to this violence.

The violence that Nigerian communities are facing is startling. Amid continuing attacks, Jubilee Campaign is persistently taking up efforts to call for justice against perpetrators and the protection of victimized communities.

Please fervently pray for peace in Nigeria.


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