2019 May

Muslims taught to target Christian girls in Indonesia
Ramadan reminds BMBs to pray for their families
Villagers in India Deprive Five Christian Families of Farmland, Food, Water
Four detained Christians freed by court in Nepal
UK government rejects racial definition of “Islamophobia”
Christian village ransacked and church buildings burnt out in Boko Haram attack in northern Cameroon
Minister shot in Islamist militant attack on church meeting in Niger
Christian mum stunned after teen son tricked into becoming Muslim on live Turkish TV
Aasia Bibi’s lawyer takes up case of Pakistani Christian couple sentenced to death for “blasphemy”
Algerian Church threatened with Demolition by Algerian Security Forces
Boko Haram fighters demolish over 60 houses in Cameroon
Catholic Church attacked in Burkina Faso; results in multiple casualties
Syria: The Battle For Idlib Heats Up - Christians imperilled
China: Authorities demolish cross of previously-praised church
Terror’s aftermath: Sri Lanka, Christians, and hope
Persecution helps spread God’s Word in Nepal
West African Church Tackles Terror After Attacks Kill Many
Gang Kills Catholic Priest In El Salvador
Iran Jails Evangelicals; Christians Ask Prayers
China: Tiananmen Square survivors call for transparency on account of 'tank men'
Sudan turmoil continues; here’s what it means for Christians
Burkina Faso: 5 leaders killed in 3 months as Islamists continue to target churches
ISIS in the Philippines
Sri Lanka: Sectarian violence, nationwide curfews, and a call for prayer
Elderly Christian Women Violently Assaulted in Bartella, Iraq
Leah Sharibu Spends Her 16th Birthday in Boko Haram Captivity
Children Massacred in Assault on Syrian Christian Town
Burkina Faso Suffers Second Attack in Two Weeks
Taliban attacks aid groups, promises U.S. defeat
Death toll rises to 16 as Islamist gunmen carry out third brutal attack on Christians in Burkina Faso

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