2019 June

Christians flee homes as Islamist terrorists murder 29 in Burkina Faso in twin attacks
Iraq: Five years after IS occupied Mosul, returnees live in fear
Christian Families Going Hungry as Villagers in India Deprive Them of Work, Homes
Churches face trouble amid Algeria’s political stalemate
The price of faith in Southeast Asia
Islamic Celebration Spirals into Anti-Christian Violence in Egypt
Cuban Government Cancels Church Construction Permit
Helping Iran’s persecuted Christians involves sanctions, prayer
Christian Persecution on the Rise
Sudan: of deadly protests, elections, and Christians
National Endowment for Democracy hosts panels ahead of Tiananmen anniversary
Religious freedom forum releases declaration on Uyghur rights
Newly Converted Christian Couple Beaten by Mob in Northern India
Christians among groups targeted by Myanmar armed forces
Iran Bans Religious Minority Teachers from Kindergarten
Imprisoned Indonesian Pastor Released on House Arrest
Nun Decapitated, More Than 30 Others Killed in CAR in Two Weeks
Officials Destroy Christian School, Hostel -- and Founder's Home -- in Eastern India
Converts, Pastors Threatened with Death; Gospel Meetings Banned in Town in Uganda
Pastor urges “strong wave of protest” after Assyrian Church in Iran shut down, cross removed
Australian MP calls for new religious freedom law making religious belief exempt from job contracts
UN heralds official day for victims of violence against religion or belief
Eritrea: Christian Crisis In The Horn Of Africa - Plus Update on Sudan
Muslim Clerics Threaten Sudanese Christian in Egypt

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