Christian Family Hospitalized After Brutal Attack in Northern India


Date:  October 2, 2019

India (International Christian Concern) – Four Christians, including a retired pastor, have been seriously injured as a result of a brutal mob attack in northern India. According to local sources, a mob of Hindu radicals attacked a Christian family’s home in Gurgaon, located in India’s Haryana state, on September 22.

The attack started when a mob of approximately 30 Hindu radicals stormed the home of Pastor Mangala. The mob savagely beat Pastor Mangala, his wife, and his two children. All four members of the family have been hospitalized as a result of the attack, including Pastor Mangala’s son who lost four front teeth after he was hit in the face with a stone.

According to local sources, animosity between Pastor Mangala and local Hindu radicals began in 2015 when the radicals encroached upon a property Pastor Mangala used for a school. The radicals forcefully installed a Hindu idol in the school which was removed by court order just two months ago.

No arrests have been made as a result of the attack. However, local rumors suggest that a case has been registered against Pastor Mangala claiming that he attacked the mob. This has left Pastor Mangala and his family in a state of fear as they feel they could be arrested at any time.

“We are seeing a new trend in Haryana,” a local pastor, who wished to remain anonymous, told International Christian Concern (ICC). “Out of fear of attacks, we have stopped any public activity for our church and choose to stay very much indoors. Even then we are not sure of our safety.”

“I am quite disappointed that we cannot exercise our faith freely,” the pastor continued. “This was not the case just a few years ago.”

HOW TO PRAY: Pray for swift healing for each family member. Pray for peace to overcome any emotional trauma from this attack. Pray for the authorities to apprehend those involved in this attack.

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