2012 June

Iran: A letter from prison
Tanzania Christians Seek Justice After Destruction Churches
Egypt: Christians Under Pressure Ahead Of Presidential Poll
Turkey's new constitution may not allow for a neutral state
Christians Hail Dissolution of Egyptian Parliament
Kazakhstan Acquits Pastor; Azerbaijan Church Threatened With Closure
Egypt Christians ‘Killed’ After Election Morsi
Cuban Christian Activist Caballero Arrives In US
What Next for Christians in Egypt?
House church baptism disrupted by raid in China
Attacks on Christians in Odisha, India
Iran Frees Four Christian Converts; Others Jailed
Hundreds ‘Accept Christ’ At Cuba’s First Evangelistic Outdoor Rally
Sudanese Authorities Demolish Two Church Buildings
Church ‘Prays’ That Egypt’s Morsi Keeps Promise
Mission base in Nigeria under terrorist attack
Egypt's new president makes history again
Nigerian Missionaries Trapped As Militants Embrace Christ
Christian Legislator in Pakistan Stuck with Muslim ID
Police chaplain in USA told how to pray
Egypt: Christians nervous under new president Morsi
Nigeria: Boko Haram bomber now a martyr; trouble coming for Christians
Vietnamese Officials Destroy Two New Church Buildings
Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin June 2012 Update
Three Lao, Two Thai Christians Arrested in Laos
Boko Haram Reign of Terror Impacts Churches in Nigeria
Egypt’s President-elect Morsi Trying To Calm Down Christians, Israel
300 Suicide Bombers to Attack Nigerian Churches, Group Warns
Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi Wins Egypt Elections; Christians Concerned (UPDATE)
Iranian Family asks who killed their newly-converted activist daughter?

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