2012 June

Attacks against Nigerian Christians -- third week in a row
Americans urged to Stop the Sudanese Genocide and Save Nearly 800,000 People from Imminent Death by Starvation
Suicide Bombing Hits Another Church in Jos, Nigeria
Lao Police Arrest Pastor for Spreading Faith
China Halts Forced Abortion Of Woman Amid Outcry
India Police Investigating Murder Pastor, Church Burning
Covert persecution on the rise
Nigeria Church Attacks Kill 7; Christians ‘Gunned Down’
Shutdown of Protestant Church in Iran Sparks Fears of Coming Closure Spree
Laos Detains Pastor For Spreading Christianity
Iranian Authorities Shut Church in Tehran
Forgotten Struggle as Sudan's Blue Nile conflict has Catastrophic effects
Saudi Officials Offer Conflicting Explanations as 35 Ethiopian Christians Continue to Languish in Prison
Severe Injuries sustained after Suicide Bomb Attack in Bauchi, Nigeria
VOM's online courses are now free!
Christian families in Vietnam forced to leave village
Pastor accused of blasphemy, threatened with death in Pakistan
Free Asia Bibi campaign launched by British 'Electo-pop' music group
Final Ruling Awaited in Kuwait Death Sentence for Insulting Islam
Iran Detains Evangelical Couple; Whereabouts Unknown
Christians in Pakistan Allege Seizure of Graveyard
Pray for Muslims
Nigeria & Sudan: Jihad & Genocide (plus Tunisia) -- a call to pray for the persecuted body of Christ
Increase in Church Closures, Attacks in Indonesia
Beijing police Delay in Filing the case of Female Christian Petitioner raped by ...
Boko Haram Claims Deadly Church Attack In Nigeria
US: Court: Christians can be ordered to violate beliefs
Serbian Orthodox Priest Shot In Bosnia
Blast Wreaks Bloodshed on Two Churches in Bauchi, Nigeria
Kazakhstan: 'The Church Will Be Closed Down Anyway'

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