2012 September

Iran: Pastor Behnam Irani Health Update -- Continued Medical Problems
Egyptian Coptic Christians abandon their Sinai homes after threats, attack
Muslims Order Christians Out of Their Village in Egypt
Egyptian blasphemy cases pursued as Morsi defends ban at UN
US: Cops to answer in court for 'stoning' of Christians
Pastors fined and harassed in Russia
Update: Believers in China rejoice despite hardship
International Day of Prayer (IDOP) 2012
Police: ‘Pakistan Christian Girl Innocent Of Blasphemy’
India: Voice of the Martyrs gives pastor new dignity
India: Ministry begins to maneuver outreach in wake of court decision
New religion law could force evangelicals underground in Russia
From Africa to Asia, offended Muslims vent anger at Christian churches
Uzbekistan: 74-year-old disabled woman the latest victim of police violence
Pakistan: Rimsha case takes a surprising turn
Analysis: India’s narrow path to religious freedom
Christians Mourn Victims Nigeria Blast
Extremist Hindus rout Christians from rural Indian village
Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin September 2012 Update -- remembering to pray for the persecuted
Pakistani Bishop Peter Majeed asks the International Community for Help in Rebuilding the Church in Mardan
Nigeria: Catholic Cathedral in Bauchi Bombed In Second Attack on Christians in the Space of a Week
Nigeria: In the face of intense persecution, believers stand their ground
Laos Jails Pastors Over House Churches
Afghanistan: Growing number of believers cause unease among Muslim leaders
Egypt: Believers demand response for anti-Christian actions
Pakistan Militants Kill Three Christians Amid Spreading Violence
Pakistani teen Christian declared 'innocent' of blasphemy by police, but case still continues
Tunisian Christians Worship Amid Death Threats
Christian Rimsha Masih is ‘innocent’ and cleric who allegedly framed her in the Pakistan ‘blasphemy’ case ‘should face trial’
Pakistani Christian girl has been 'tortured' and is now missing

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