2012 December

Sudan Bombings Kill More Nuba Christians Around Christmas
Nigeria Militants “Slit Throats” Of 15 Christians; Dozen Shot Dead
2012 PERSON OF THE YEAR:ChinaAid founder Bob Fu impacts Midland, world with ministry
China’s Christians seize internet opportunities
Iran Allows Hospital Treatment For Jailed Pastor; Others Detained
Egypt Condemns Deadly Church Bombing In Libya (Update)
Catholic Priest Seriously Wounded in Zanzibar, Tanzania
American Christian Detained In North Korea
Jailed Armenian Pastor Faces Death In Iran
New Year's Greetings: Remembering the Christians in the Middle East
‘Census in Nepal Marks 2.3 Million Christians as Hindus’
Jubilee Campaign Launches Website to Document Facts on Terrorist Violence in Nigeria
Sudan Arrests Coptic Priests for Baptizing Convert
Indonesia Christmas Marred By Attacks With Rotten Eggs, Sewage
Human Rights Group Urges Burma's Government to Immediately Stop Military Offensive against Kachin People
Plight of Syrian Christians Intensifies
Muslim extremist groups continue to grow violent toward Christians in Indonesia
Nigeria: 2012: Boko Haram's bloodiest year
Nigeria Christmas Attacks Kill Dozen Christians
Iran Returns Pastor Nadarkhani To Prison
Christmas could be trouble in Nigeria
Pakistan: Difficult Christmas for Asia Bibi and Younis Masih
Pakistani Mob Beats to Death Muslim Accused of Blasphemy
Muslims Told not to Celebrate Christmas, or Wish Christians a 'Merry Christmas'
Pakistan: Christian Teen Cleared of Blasphemy Appeals for Help for Christians in Prison
Iran Court Convicts Christian Pastor who is a US Citizen
INDONESIA: Testimony of Female Prisoner Who Was Set Free
PHILIPPINES: Island Invasion Causes Massive Destruction and Loss
Vietnamese Religious Freedom Advocate Wins Writer's Award
Iranian Christian Prisoner Writes to Sandy Hook Parents

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