2012 December

Algerian Christian Unknowingly Convicted, Sentenced Convert is tried in absentia for 'pressuring Muslim' who urged him to return to Islam
Bangladesh Christian Evangelist Forced To Marry Muslim Woman
Iran Churches Warn Of Christmas Raids, Detentions
Iran Jails Iranian-American Pastor; Mistreatment Reported
International: Security threats won't stop Christmas
Egypt: Some resignation, optimism in advance of Saturday's referendum
Kygyzstan Girl “Burned” For Faith In Christ
Uzbekistan Police Raid Protestant Holiday Group, Church
Helicopter Crash Kills Nigeria Governor Of Volatile Region
India: Organized violence not enough to stop Gospel work
Central Asia: Crackdown on religious freedom continues
Finally, Istanbul gives Syriac Christians a place to build: a cemetery
Pakistan: A Pastor Threatened in Lahore for evangelizing
Church Leaders Wounded in Attacks on Sri Lankan Churches
Egyptian Atheist Sentenced to Three Years in Prison for Blasphemy and Contempt of Religion
Likely to lose constitution vote, Egyptian Christians gird for long struggle
China removes Shanghai Catholic bishop from state-run church post
Pakistan: Brutal killing of Christian missionary healer
Ivory Coast: racial and religious hatred empowered and unleashed
Pakistan: Asia Bibi's spouse begs Spain for asylum
Christian Shot to Death in Somalia
Christians Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan Facing Crackdown
Pastors, Christians Face Terror In Western India, Group Warns
The Call for Freedom of Religion in Conflict-Prone Countries
Police Contribute to Hindu Extremist Violence in India
Saudi Textbooks Retain Hateful Refrains
Your prayers needed as Egypt heads to the polls
Sweden: Critically-wounded missionary to Pakistan flown home
Belarus: A church is rejoicing after they thought their doors were being closed
Buddhist Monks Lead Attack on Church in Sri Lanka

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