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Op-Ed: North Korea sadistically murdered an American college student, challenging humanity’s baseline!
China: Pastor forbidden from traveling abroad
Sudan churches risk letter to government on ‘systematic violations’, including church demolition
Sudanese woman who escaped 100 lashes for adultery and death for apostasy, three years on
5 Christians officially arrested after church demolition, authorities cut power supply
Authorities ransack home of arbitrarily arrested pastor
Nearly 200,000 displaced in southern Philippines as extremist attacks persist
Ramadan ending, but Christians continue to pray
Christians Taking Children to Camp in India Charged with Kidnapping, Forced Conversion
Kenya Christians Ask Protection After Militants Kill Teacher
Kidnapped Girl Reunited With Christian Parents In Iraq
The Islamic State and the methods of terrorism
Pakistani Christian accused of blasphemy for saying he believes Jesus was final prophet
Pakistan expels South Korean for ‘illegal preaching’ after murder of Chinese ‘missionaries’
For Egypt’s Copts, if it isn’t extremism, it’s sectarianism
Pakistani Christian refugee dies in Thai detention center
Cuba Targets Religious Rights Activists, Christians
Kenya: Al-Shabaab Incites Against Church
Central African Republic foes sign Church-mediated peace accord
Persecution ‘key driver of displacement’ says UNHCR, voicing concerns about returns
North Korea, US: Anger and tears as Otto ‘completes his journey home’
Iraq: Karamles residents face fears as they begin rebuilding
European migrant deals ‘could put victims of religious persecution at risk’
India’s Christian leaders distance themselves from ruling Hindu nationalists
Al-Shabaab terror attacks persist in Somalia
China: Christians injured as officials demolish church fence
China: Christians pressured into confessing false ‘evil cult’ activity
Pastor Jailed in Burma Falls Ill
India Detains Christians For "Converting" Children At Bible Camp
Christian Father of 2-Year-Old in Pakistan Jailed on Flimsy Blasphemy Charge, Brother Says

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