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Pope Mourns With Egypt Christians After Attack Kills 29
BREAKING NEWS: Islamic State Claims Killing 29 Christians In Egypt
China: Churches refuse surveillance order, electricity cut off
China: Guizhou officials levy 7 million yuan fine against banned house church
U.S. officials take action after hearing (Chinese) congressional testimonies
Gunmen kill 35 Egyptian Christians in Ascension Day bus attack
Wife of abducted Malaysian pastor: why are police investigating my husband rather than looking for him?
Pakistan: 3 months in prison for eating, drinking in public during Ramadan, $250 for providing food
100 Christians detained, 10 years after Eritrea put Patriarch under house arrest
Fears for imprisoned Algerian Christian as Ramadan begins
Church leader among dead in Central African Republic
Indonesia’s social and political fabric stretched as bombs hit Jakarta
Fighting reignites in the Philippines
Islamists besieging Marawi, southern Philippines, kill 9 Christians at checkpoint
Filipino city attacked by extremists, martial law imposed
Islamic Extremists in Egypt Slaughter Coptic Christians on Pilgrimmage to Monastery
Gunmen Kill at Least 35 Coptic Christians in Egypt
Terrorists Linked with Islamic State Abduct Priest in Attack in Mindanao, Philippines
Iraq: Top cleric says Christians must convert to Islam, be killed, or pay tax
Chaos in the Philippines as Islamist group storms city, abducts Christians and sets church on fire
Azerbaijanis fined and detained for selling religious books
Indonesia: Jakarta’s Christian ex-governor drops blasphemy appeal ‘for sake of the people’
Tortured legal assistant breaks silence on human rights crackdown
Ways for Christians to pray during Ramadan
Pakistani Christian schoolgirl told: ‘Do Islamic studies instead of Ethics, or leave this school’
Second church in 10 days torn down in Sudan
Iran: People Want Change
China: Exposing abuses, wives of persecuted human rights advocates visit Washington
Turkey unprepared for Trump’s counter-demand
Afghanistan: German aid worker killed, Finnish woman ‘kidnapped’ in Kabul

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