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Pence’s plans to help Middle East Christians overshadowed by political storm
Malaysian pastor Raymond Koh’s kidnap inquiry halted
Eritrea government closes Church-run initiatives
Egypt: Copt thrown out of village and fined over ‘attack’ he denies
China: Church raided, ordered to relocate by Friday
Nepal: Christians petition government to remove anti-conversion law
‘Absurd’ questions to prove they are Christian in Austria asylum cases
Egyptian Christians to be officially allowed to meet in unlicensed buildings
Analaysis of Situation in South Sudan, January 2018
Christian gunned down in Egypt by masked men
Christian Megachurch Demolished in China
Christians in Lebanon Unite to Help Syrian Refugees
Religious Intolerance Forcing Minorities to Flee Pakistan
100 Al-Shabaab Terrorists Enter Town on Sunday, Villagers Flee
New Penal Code in Bolivia Could Restrict Religious Freedom
Christian Killed and Robbed Outside Home in Egypt
UK Parliament hears ‘squeeze’ of persecution of Christians ‘as dangerous as violence’
Afghan convert ‘could face death’ if deported from Switzerland
Court upholds Vietnamese Christian blogger’s 5-year jail sentence
Government Authorities Demolish One of China's Largest Evangelical Churches
China: Pastors fined millions for collecting church offerings
Evangelical megachurch in China blown up by military police
British Christian Human Rights Watchdog Campaign Highlights Children
Burkina Faso: 2 years on, thousands call for release of ‘doctor of the poor’ by Al-Qaeda offshoot
India: Catholic schools under pressure in Madhya Pradesh
Catholic priest stabbed as violence continues in Central African Republic
China: Yunnan Christians receive lengthy sentences for falsified cult involvement charge
Christian persecution on the rise reveals 2018 World Watch List
Welcome to RLPB 2018: Give Thanks; Keep Alert
White House Announces Religious Freedom Day

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