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Iraq and Philippines Christians join Red Wednesday religious freedom solidarity display
How serious is Saudi Arabia about religious freedom?
Iranian Christian converts ‘to be detained indefinitely’
US paves the way for tighter sanctions on North Korea
Accuser of Five Church Leaders in Sudan Fails to Appear for Court Hearing – Again
Chinese officials kidnap, threaten to kill human rights lawyer
Burma (Myanmar): Pastors' Appeal Imminent
Egypt: ISIS ‘the greatest preacher for Christianity in the world’
Iraq: Basra Christians living in ‘deep fear and mistrust’
US designating Pakistan a ‘Country of Particular Concern’ would be ‘ineffective’
Mauritania: death penalty for blasphemy ‘even if they repent’
Zimbabwe in turmoil following political upheaval
Universal Children’s Day: Kidnapped Christina receives letter from German namesake
US tells Sudan to ‘immediately suspend’ church demolitions
Algerian church closed for ‘illegally printing Bibles and material intended for evangelism’
Catholic teachers warn against India’s attempts to ‘saffronise’ education
UPR recommends Pakistan repeal blasphemy law
Cambodia's Main Opposition Party Dissolved
Christians Gather in Nation's Capital to Pray for the Persecuted
China: Police question 13 Christians for holding church services
Britain accused of Discriminating against Christians fleeing Islamic State in Syria
Bangladesh: 12 militants charged with Catholic’s murder
Egypt: Coptic priest’s murderer sentenced to death
Refugees call for African Union to stop Eritrea’s ‘reign of terror’
Religious minorities’ struggles the focus of Morocco conference
China: Christians forced to reject faith for poverty alleviation
China: Pastor interrogated, home raided
Preparing Sudanese Christians to be bringers of light
BREAKING: Nigeria Police Free Kidnapped Christian Amid Killing Spree
BREAKING NEWS: Zimbabwe’s Hungry Christians In Crossfire After Military ‘Coup’

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