To challenge and encourage the Church to create a ministry that focuses on the plight of the persecuted Christians of our world. As your partner in this work, we at CIC will provide information and updates from the frontlines of persecution and be your arm to channel much needed assistance and whatever resources necessary to be a blessing to our brothers and sisters in crisis.

While we believe that every church must have a missions program, we also believe in the Biblical instruction to '' good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith.'' (Galatians 6:10). Every church then must also have a ministry for the persecuted church. The Bible in Romans 12:13 compels us to ''share with Gods people who are in need.''

There are some 200 million Christians who are faced with intense persecution for their faith. More and more undergo intimidation and harassment under communist and Islamic ruled nations. Persecution has reached horrific levels in todays world. And the cries for help from our suffering brothers and sisters in Christ are ever increasing.

Our efforts to extend help are dwarfed by the enormity of their needs. That is why we are seeking the partnership of churches across America and beyond. Your Church can play a very vital role in effectively providing help and comfort to our less privileged brethren.

Will you join with Christians In Crisis and begin a House of Prayer everywhere (HOPe) in your church?  Just contact Paul, HOPe Development Administrator for details.

Subscribe to the weekly Persecution News Headlines (under Persecution News in top menu) to stay informed of persecution.  This information can also be used for your weekly bulletins to inform your congregation and used for prayer focus for your HOPe. 

You may also wish to consider joining our Crisis Prayer Team (under Persecution News in top menu).  You would receive a daily Crisis Prayer Team Release with prayer requests from our intercessors and the field.  (We ask that the Crisis Prayer Team Release not be electronically redistributed, nor posted on the web due to possible security concerns.)

Would you also prayerfully consider Partnering with CIC to help us in our efforts?

It would be a blessing for CIC to join with your church to bless Christians in crisis in the world today.