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ChinaAid endorses Call to Action; "calls" brands and retailers to denounce "ties" that support China's forced labor system
Tigray Christians serve those in need despite civil war
US senators condemn authoritarianism in Turkey
Plainclothes police raid Chongqing house church during Sunday service; church members publish urgent prayer request letter
Serikzhan Bilash: XinJiang's genocide, one reason CCP agents arrest three grandsons of Ospan Islamoğlu—for no reason.
Authorities plan to use the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party’s founding to strengthen political control of Catholics
Steel on Steel Radio & Podcast Network airs interview with Bob Fu: Religious persecution in China
Bob Fu: As National Security Court can arrest anyone; anywhere; anytime in Hong Kong for social media content—"We need to pray..."
CCP to demolish Yining Xinjiang’s Sacred Heart of Jesus Church—for failure to align with "sinicization"
Bob Fu Report premiere expands on recent news regarding religious freedom and rule of law in China
CCP Yunnan authorities continue to detain Poet Wang Zang and his wife for "inciting subversion of state power"
ChinaAid signs joint letter to Biden administration: Recommends a human rights approach to US-China policy
CCP authorities again arrest Jimmy Lai—already detained in jail
Bob Fu exposes the "evil" intent of the CCP's freedom of religious belief policy
"In Prison," Pastor John Cao recounts one of his questions to the Lord, included in his forthcoming book, Living Lyrics
Ahead of International Women’s Day on Tuesday, Please Pray for Women of Faith in Cuba
Christians Falsely Charged in Central India, Sources Say
Two Christians Sentenced to Prison and Heavy Fine in Algeria
Military cracks down on protests in Myanmar
Upcoming Hearing: Addressing the Complicity of U.S. Companies in Uyghur Forced Labor
Turkey’s Directorate of Communications Releases Report Justifying Genocide
Eritrea Frees Christian Prisoners But Attacks Churches in Tigray
Arab Spring fallout in Egypt spurs spiritual change
A decade of war fuels Christian growth in Syria
USCIRF Marks 10th Anniversary of Shahbaz Bhatti Assassination
Erdogan's Human Rights Plan Only Hints at Religious Freedom
USCIRF Applauds U.S. Senate Bipartisan Efforts to Create the Senate Human Rights Commission
Christian named head of Indonesian police
March Prayer Calendar
Lashio Church in Myanmar Raided by Military and Police

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