FAQ regarding inviting Pastor Wally to speak at your event ...

How can I check to see if Pastor Wally is available for my event?

Fill in the invitation form and click the submit button ... or click here… we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Does Pastor Wally give seminars in addition to church services?

Yes!  Pastor Wally conducts seminars regarding:

        Biblical and Modern Day Persecution

        The Islamic Agenda




Does Pastor Wally speak at large and small events?

Yes!  Pastor Wally loves every opportunity to let others know of the faithfulness of our Savior and to share the Good News!  He has spoken to a few gathered in private homes and also before thousands of people in huge stadiums and everywhere in between.                     


Does Pastor Wally have a message that would impact the youth?

Yes! Pastor Wally is a dynamic speaker and lives are often changed when people hear him speak.  He has frequently been the featured speaker for Teen Mania’s Acquire the Fire, the Joshua Revolution and Shake the Nations, plus has been the keynote speaker for many denominational youth conferences and youth camps.


Does Pastor Wally travel internationally to speak?

Yes!  In addition to his domestic engagements, Pastor Wally has traveled to many countries telling his story and presenting the Gospel. When funds are available, and with the direction of the Holy Spirit, he accepts international invitations.


What about Financial Information?

Our Policy

Christians In Crisis Sunday/Church presentations work under the guidelines of missions offerings and honorariums in lieu of contracts and/or ministry fees. CIC requests that churches understand the hard costs concerning its presentations, and make every effort to cover these costs.


To make the event presentation a success, expenses incurred by CIC (e.g., travel, hotel, food) should be covered by the host church and/or ministry. It is requested that the expenses not be taken out of the missions offerings and honarium. Therefore, the sponsoring church or organization will be responsible for the following:


Depending on the location of the CIC event, it may be necessary to fly Pastor Wally, and his wife, to the venue. If services are in close proximity to CIC’s home base or region in which the team is ministering, we will travel by land. The host church will be responsible for car rental payments and/or mileage charge (gas) round-trip from the home base.

Lodging and Meals

The host church/organization will be responsible for hotel (non-smoking) room(s) and meals throughout the duration of the event/visit.

Love Offering and Honorarium

We request that the host church/organization receives a missions offering and provide an honorarium for the CIC speaker/representative. The honorarium is in addition or separate from the missions offering which is designated to specific CIC projects.

In no way do we desire to be a burden to any church or organization. Should there be any concerns regarding the financial requests, please contact our office.


Does Pastor Wally require anything else?

He asks that if you have the capability, that he receive a dvd and/or cd recording of his message, before he leaves the site, if possible.