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Former CCP State Security employee Fan Baolin: "... I am on a road of no return"
Saudi court ruling still pending on “Brother A”
Ten Years after the Arab Spring: How has Religious Freedom Changed Across the Middle East?
Elder Zhang Chunlei, detained since March 16: "Pray for me..., that I let God guide me"
Pakistani Christian population declines
Three Killed in Kenya During Ambush of Two Buses
Burkina Faso bloodbath kills 138, displaces thousands
[FREE VIRTUAL EVENT] Congress and International Religious Freedom
Police fail to respond to Minister Wu Wuqing or unchain door to fire safety equipment
China bans Tiananmen Square candlelight commemoration events
Russian and Ukrainian Christians unite despite war
ChinaAid Update:­ Your Prayers Needed For Modern-Day Mayflower Church Exodus
INDIA | CSW Expresses Condolences on Death of Human Rights Defender
Over 1,400 Nigerian Christians killed in 4 months
Wycliffe Associates creates safe haven for persecuted Christians
Employer Allegedly Sends Hit Men to Kill Christian
Church Demolished by Hindu Nationalists with No Consequences
70 People Killed This Week in Eastern DRC
High Court in Pakistan Acquits Christian Couple on Death Row for Blasphemy
Another Church Attacked by Burmese Military in Eastern Myanmar
Pakistan: Acquitted but still imperiled
Over 2,000 Covid Deaths Amongst Pastors and Christian Leaders in India and Nepal Leave Christians Floundering and Ministries in Danger of Collapse
Christian Widow Forced to Re-Convert After Husband’s Death
Christian Couple Acquitted of “Blasphemy” Charges in Pakistan
Christian Couple in Bhutan Denied Government Support Unless They Convert to Buddhism
Indonesian Police Foil Islamist Terrorist Plot to Bomb Churches in Papua
Arab Council of Australia Calls for Government Recognition of Armenian Genocide
Retired Nigerian Church Minister Freed by Kidnappers After Colleague Murdered
Anglican Minister Among 55 Killed in Islamist Attack in Democratic Republic of Congo
Pastor of Church Ordered to Close in Algeria Sentenced to Prison

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