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Severe Attack in Northern India Devastates Families, Church
Iran Jails Christian Convert For Insulting Islam
BREAKING: Nigeria Islamists Kill Kidnapped Christian Student (Update)
INDIA | Prayer Meeting Disrupted
NIGERIA | Terrorist Executes Christian Student
ChinaAid's newest publication is available on Amazon
Government fails to stop Christian martyrdom in Nigeria
Pastor executed by the Boko Haram in Nigeria
Church Buildings Burned Down in Southeastern Sudan
The United States Must Stop Repatriating Eritrean Christians
Kidnapped Christian Student Executed by Islamic Extremists in Northeast Nigeria
Police Foiled Church Bomb Plot in Southern Philippines
Court Orders Oran Church Closed
Christian Activist Arrested in Tehran
Priest’s Family Missing in SE Turkey
iPersecute: examining China’s tech-savvy oppression of Christians
Iran Doubles Down on Persecuting Religious Minorities
USCIRF News Digest - January 21, 2020
See the 10 most dangerous places for Christians
CAN Chairman executed in Nigeria - STPC presses call for U.S. Special Envoy
Christian Persecution News: Nigeria
India holds 10th place on 2020 World Watch List
NIGERIA | Released Hostage Reports Sharibu Alive
As pressure persists, Iraqi Christian seeks to restart theological training
Nigeria: deafening silence greets mounting persecution of Christians
Islamists Behead Nigeria’s Leading Pastor As Crisis Escalates
Boko Haram Executes Brethren Pastor in Northeast Nigeria
Please Pray for Patriarch Abune Antonios
Boko Haram executes kidnapped Church leader in Nigeria
Al Shabaab murders three Christian teachers in Kenyan school compound attack

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