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North Korea, China, Russia and Iran ‘forces of instability’
‘State-sponsored repression’ behind Eritrea’s refugee epidemic
Killings continue in eastern DRC
Algeria: church-run nursery ordered to close
India: violence against Christians in Tamil Nadu continues
Satellites and Sanctions: How the West can Support Iran’s Faithful
China: Pastor sentenced to three years prison for property damage
China: Pastor prevented from teaching on false orders
Turkish President renews hostage swap demand in American pastor’s case
Turkey: Erdogan demands Gulen extradition for US pastor’s release
Christian missionaries a ‘threat’ to India’s unity, says MP
Maldives to EU: ‘Islam shall be the basis of all laws’
Pakistani Christian dies after being set on fire by Muslim in alleged dispute over who should convert
China: Guangdong church evicted, harassed
Christian Woman in Pakistan Dies after Being Set on Fire
Police Slow to Respond to Vicious Attack on Pastor in Uttar Pradesh, India
Iran: do non-Muslims have the right to hold elected public office or not?
Ongoing religious freedom challenges in the Commonwealth
Burkina Faso: concerns over reported rise in extremism
Pakistan: Islamic university opens Christian chapel – a first
Egypt: Protestant leader rejects community reconciliation system
China: Henan church members interrogated for holding services, evangelizing
Two Killed in Drive-By Shooting in Pakistan
Gov't Shuts off Water at Beijing Church to Force Supervision
American Pastor on Trial in Turkey
Egypt Approves the Legalization of 166 Churches
Security Agents in Morocco Reportedly Detain Christian for 24 Hours
Cuba’s new leader ‘not a reformer’
Myanmar: Kachin Baptists freed in prisoner amnesty
Sri Lanka: Facebook told to block religious hate speech

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