Christians In Crisis Mission Purpose:

1.) To bring to the Body of Christ an awareness to the plight of Christians in crisis through the means of Church/convention presentations, videos, audio cassettes, newsletters, posters, flyers, tracts, and other publications.

2.) To challenge and encourage churches and individuals to support and help Christians in crisis through their prayers, personal service, advocacy, material and financial gifts.

3.) To administer Gods grace and provisions to Christians in crisis by way of proper distribution of aid made possible through the church and individual supporters.

4.) To take the Gospel and help win to Jesus Christ those who are opposed to the message of Gods grace in Christ and to the persecutors of Christians.

5.) To inform governments and human rights advocates about the plight of Christians in crisis and the atrocities committed against Christians.

6.) To encourage Christians in crisis in their faith and support them in their Church work to reach the lost with the Gospel message of salvation.

7.) To help spread the Good News, evangelize the lost and the unreached and assist in planting Churches for the worship of God and the discipleship of believers.