The Unstoppable River of God


Date:  April 4, 2021

The church has always had a gun to its back and a knife to its throat. Things look hopeless until you see the world through spiritual eyes. In God’s upside down economy, death brings life!

Jesus often spoke of himself as a spring that living water flowed out of. In Ezekiel and Revelations we see this river flowing down from God’s throne and covering the whole earth. Everything this river touches it is healed and brought to life.

This Easter, be encouraged that the church is an unstoppable force of love, not because of you or me but because of the power of God through it.

Call out to God and ask Him to have his river flow into you and out into the world!

Happy Easter and God bless,

Jeff King

President of International Christian Concern
Author of Islam Uncensored and The Last Words of the Martyrs
Host of "Into the Deep" Podcast

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