Libyan Church Faces Eviction After 51 Years


Date:  July 9, 2021

Libya (International Christian Concern) – After years of back and forth on their worship facilities, Union Church in Tripoli is facing eviction from their building as early as August 27 when their case will be heard in court.

Founded in 1962 by expatriate Christians, the Union Church is officially recognized by the government, although the land they rented in 1970 was confiscated by the Gaddafi regime. The regime terminated the 1970 rental agreement and instead rented the church an alternate building, though built on land that had also been expropriated.

A governmental committee seeking to right the wrongs of the expropriation of local lands by the previous regime returned the Union Church’s land building to the original owners. The owners filed a court case seeking eviction, of which the Union Church was informed of in December 2020.

Currently, four Protestant congregations gather in the building, though the cost of purchasing a new building is too expensive. After 51 years in their worship building, the Tripoli congregation may suddenly find themselves without a home church.

HOW TO PRAY: Pray for protection for this church’s property rights. Pray for a quick, peaceful end to this legal battle. Pray for these congregations to remain united in their faith.

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