Will you help these brave persecuted Christians learn English?

Source:              www.ChinaAid.org

Datee:                  July 14, 2021




Pastor Pan Yongguang knows there’s no way back.

He led 28 adults and 32 children from Shenzen Reformed Holy Church to resettle in Jeju Island South Korea early last year. The “illegal” church faced horrendous persecution in China for many years.

Isn’t it crazy these brave Christians, who you can see in the below photo, have to begin a new life in a different place just so they can worship freely?


I was so thankful when I heard the Wall Street Journal https://www.google.com/url?q=https://secure3.convio.net/china/site/R?i%3DHoSjToLnn03r4UFIBS8wUZEFBO8y7XBgHFXJO4qY8OB83gowhkCt_A&source=gmail&ust=1627180022893000&usg=AFQjCNHmZNS0mgPolSCZEp_dbRrtKtrBEQ">published an article last month after traveling to Jeju and speaking with some of the church members. 

It shows how big of a price Pastor Pan and his church have to pay for fleeing Xi Jinping’s China.

So far, every church member on Jeju who filed for asylum have had their applications rejected at least once.

Several church members have even received threating calls they interpret as warnings to return to China!

Right now, many of the congregants are eager to learn English and are especially excited for their homeschooled children to study the language. As you can imagine, knowing English will be vital if the church is able to be resettled as refugees in the United States.

Pastor Pan himself told me “For many years we have not had a regular English teacher and the children have not had a great breakthrough.”

Now we’re workng with a few organizations who are helping mobilize experienced teachers to teach over video.  We also plan to send spiritual mentors and teachers to visit the congregation in person on Jeju Island when the time is right.

Pastor Pan and his congregation are truly unique.  Many human rights experts have never seen an instance where an entire church seeks asylum en masse.

Your gift of $300, $200, $100, or any amount that you’re able this month helps fund experienced English teachers to work virtually with exiled Shenzen Reformed Holy Church congregants, and hopefully visit them in person to provide further encouragement.  

Your support will also go towards purchasing more textbooks and teaching materials for the church to use.

Thank you for your faithfulness in standing alongside our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ!


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