How the Global Body of Christ Is Encouraging the Wife of an Abducted Pastor


Date:                       September 25, 2021


Pastor Raymond Koh
“The worldwide church has been an encouragement to us.”
Pastor Raymond Koh hasn’t been seen or heard from since his abduction off the streets of Malaysia on Feb. 13, 2017. Since then, more than 75,000 people from 185 different countries have signed a petition insisting that the Malaysian government explain his disappearance. Petitions will be delivered to the Malaysian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Christians from around the world have shown their love for the pastor’s wife, Susanna, and their children through prayers and notes of encouragement. As they’ve struggled through the heartache of Raymond’s absence, the global body of Christ has let them know that they are not forgotten or alone.

“We thank God for the Christian community and the worldwide church that has been an encouragement to us. They have expressed their support through prayers and sending postcards to us. That really lifts up our spirits and encourages us in many ways.”
–Susanna Koh

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