Date:                          February15, 2022


Collage of images from China, Vietnam and Laos
With the 2022 Winter Olympics underway in Beijing, the world’s attention is focused on China. And as more people hear about the persecution our Christian brothers and sisters face there, the country’s Communist Party leaders will take notice. They know the number of Chinese Christians far surpasses the number of Communist Party members. But China is not the only Communist nation persecuting our brothers and sisters in Christ.

While Christian worship is legal in Vietnam, the government actively restricts worship and views believers and churches as a threat to its power and control. Minority tribal groups, such as the Hmong, face the harshest persecution, while Christians in urban areas experience pressure and harassment. Despite these challenges, churches continue to grow as believers faithfully share the gospel.

With the exception of members of the Lao Evangelical Church, Christians in Laos are persecuted by the Communist government in conjunction with Buddhist monks. Some in Laos, particularly government leaders, view Christianity as a foreign religion and a tool used by the West to undermine the Communist Laotian regime.

Pray for Oppressed Christians
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Despite a change in leadership in 2018, the Cuban government continues its unrelenting pressure on Christians. The government remains committed to communism’s atheistic ideology and views churches as a threat to the revolution begun by Che Guevara and Fidel Castro in the 1950s.

You can help Christians under Communist oppression in countries like China, Vietnam, Laos and Cuba. Your gift will help
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  2. equip front-line workers to advance the kingdom with tools tailored to their ministry needs
  3. provide Bibles in countries where they are considered illegal or difficult to obtain

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