China: A powerful prayer request as CCP control tightens


Date:                      March 21, 2022



I recently saw this prayer letter and just had to share. 

"We believe teaching children is the parent’s privilege given by God. Parents are guardians of their children and they are entitled to choose the best type of education for their children. Every Christian parent has the right and responsibility to do so. I pray that God keeps them and guides them to walk on the right path, make good testimony, and earn heavenly rewards....

Why is this powerful and heartfelt note so striking? 

It was posted on soical media urging fellow Christians to pray for Wan Hongxia and Wang Minghai of Jordan River Learning Center. Both of these brave Christian teachers are now charged with "illegal business operations."

Now as you may recall, the Communist Party rolled out new regulations on March 1st that said any and all religious content had to be "approved" by the government before posting!

Yet this brave, anonymous Christian was willing to boldly proclaim the Gospel and inspire others to pray for Wan and Wang....potentially facing persecution or harassment from the CCP.

The Gospel continues to thrive online across China despite the new Internet regulations. What a testimony this prayer letter is!


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