China/South Korea: Pilgrim's Progress: "Maybe God has his wonderful will for us with this arrangement..."


Date:                      April 8, 2022


Elder Nong Jiafeng with his two sons
(Photo: Nong Jiafeng)


(Jeju Island, South Korea—April 8, 2022) Elder Nong Jiafeng of the Mayflower Church provided another update in the aftermath of the church’s wave of COVID infections. He revealed that about half of the families tested positive for COVID, including his own.

Pastor Pan also wrote about the recent surge of COVID infections. You can read that report here

Read his full update below: 

Yesterday, I started to have a dry, itchy throat with a dry cough, and then I did a quick screening, and the result came out positive. My youngest son had almost recovered from COVID and didn’t want to do another test. But now that I am diagnosed with it, I brought my child with me to the health clinic to do a COVID test. We arrived at the health clinic at 4:30 in the afternoon, and there was barely anyone in line for the test.

This morning, we received notices about our COVID tests from the health clinic stating that we tested positive. The marvelous thing about it is that my youngest son Yi Tan’s fever had gone down a few days ago, and he was doing much better. On the fourth day of my oldest son Yi Lei’s confirmed diagnosis, he had occasional coughs, but there were no other symptoms at all. My wife had not been diagnosed; her entire condition was quite good, which might be because she received her third shot quite late.

Maybe God has his wonderful will for us with this arrangement. He first rushed the men to the front to withstand the attack of this pandemic and then put the women behind because he was considerate of the women’s weakness. This is also the miracle of God’s creation, first creating Adam and then creating Eve from Adam’s rib. Therefore, men should bear more responsibilities.

Half of the families in our church tested positive during this surge of the pandemic. But we are very thankful that we all have peace in Christ; everyone will take care of each other and help each other go and get medicines. South Korea’s COVID prevention method is to quarantine at home for seven days, but everyone is free to come and go if they’d like. In fact, in the face of this pandemic, the most terrifying thing is not the virus but the human heart. Imposing people’s thoughts on others will cause people to suffer even more. Especially under the policy of “Zero-COVID,” causes even more humanitarian disasters and restrictions on human rights.

Judging from the cases of COVID infections in our family, young children mainly have a fever, feel weak, and want to vomit, and adults experience fevers and dry throats. Children only need antipyretics; if the fever goes down, the person will get better very quickly. In fact, you can still get infected after being vaccinated. Still, the symptoms will be much lighter after being vaccinated, and you will have certain antibodies to this virus, and it will have some effects.


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