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Date:                      April 8, 2022


We're so thankful for your prayers and support of the persecuted faithful. Keep reading for the latest on religious freedom, human rights, and the rule of law across China as we endeavor to expose the abuses, encourage the abused, and equip the leaders.

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"God's Amazing Protection And Grace Over Chinese Churches"
Check out the latest update from Pastor Pan and the exiled Jeju Mayflower Church on ChinaAid's website! 

After many congregants were encouraged by taking a course on the "History of Christianity in China," Pastor Pan asks for prayers to "raise up servants" among the children of the Mayflower Church.  

In Pastor Pan's words, "Thank you, God. We live in a free country now. We have access to authentic information and a reliable medical system. But our family and friends in China are exposed to fake propaganda and brutal control. They are full of fear. We have the responsibility to tell them the truth."

Please keep writing to the Mayflower Church by sending an email to Every message is such an encouraging blessing! 

 Please keep Pastor Pan and the entire Mayflower Church in your prayers 

Police Raid Taiyun Zion Reformed Church
ChinaAid's reporting team detailed how officials raided Zion Reformed Church on April 3rd. Several Christians were handcuffed and detained in the name of COVID-19 prevention. 

Officials tried to impose a 15-day administrative detention on each believer, but instead issued a 500 yuan ($78.55) fine. COVID-19 enforcement protocols at the time did not permit detention as a punishment. 

"Thank the Lord for letting us fight for our faith. Compared with saints martyred for the truth, our hardship is tiny. We have no idea how they will treat us in the future. May the Lord have mercy on this small church, and may the Lord use His children! Brothers and sisters, please pray for us," believer Wang Yingjie shared after being released. 

Please keep all of the Christians at Taiyuan Zion Reformed Church in your prayers, along with the police involved with the case

CCP Officials Censor 'Christ'
Communist officials have cracked down hard on Christian groups on messaging apps like WeChat after new Internet restrictions came into effect on March 1. 
An Early Rain Covenant Church messaging group could not vote on the next book they wanted to read and study as WeChat blocked the word 'Christ' (one of the books in the poll was Thomas Kempis' The Imitation of Christ). The chat leader had to replace the word Christ with a different word to pass censorship.  
You can read more on ChinaAid's website about the CCP's Internet restrictions. 
Please keep ERCC in your prayers, along with all Christians sharing the Gospel on the Internet and the CCP officials in charge of enforcing these new rules 
Li Yu Update: Banned From Medical Treatment
CCP officials rejected Li Yu's request to go to a hospital after a severe cough did not improve after a doctor's trip. 
Sister Li, a human rights activist, was jailed for six years in total for attending events commemorating Tiananmen Square. CCP officials stripped her of parental rights and sent her child to an orphanage (who was born before her second conviction). Escorted by government officials, she was able to visit her son for the first time in three years recently. 
Please keep Li and her son in your prayers, along with the Communist officials invovled in her case
A New Letter From John Cao's Mom
ChinaAid published a new letter from Pastor John Cao's mom, who wrote about Pastor Cao's first detainment in 1980. 
Read the letter on ChinaAid's website and learn about how Pastor Cao's encounter with American tourists eventually helped him spend six years in seminary in the United States. 
Please keep Pastor Cao and his family in your prayers

New Bob Fu Reports Published! 
Check out ChinaAid's YouTube channel to watch two new Bob Fu Reports, where ChinaAid President Bob Fu provides exclusive insight and commentary on human rights and religious-freedom-related news in China.

Bob Fu Report 21 features Bob's insight on the 'chained women case' that's made global headlines. 

Bob Fu Report 22 includes comments from Bob about testimonies of faith across the Chinese Church and the importance of praying for persecutors.

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