Men Working For China Destroyed 'CCP Virus' Sculpture


Date:                      April 18, 2022


Hope y'all had a happy and blessed Easter with your loved ones!

Wanted to let you know the Wall Street Journal published an article a couple of days ago that's very revealing about the extent the CCP is willing to go to stifle voices of truth and freedom.

Discussing the destruction of artist Weiming Chen's 'CCP Virus' sculpture last summer, the article notes federal prosecutors say the arson was committed by men working for China!   

I'm so glad to see this horrific situation is being looked at by federal authorities and has been written about in the Wall Street Journal!

Did you know more than 70 human rights groups signed a joint statement last summer standing with artist Chen and the Liberty Sculpture Park in California? I Tweeted a few photos last July showing the horrific destruction of the statue after it was totally burned down. 

Thank you again for your voice for freedom as the CCP's abuses keep being revealed!

Serving the persecuted with you,

Bob Fu

PS: So thankful for all of you who prayed for my trip to UC Berkeley last Friday for their Atrocities of the CCP event hosted by the Berkeley College Republicans. More than 35,000 people watched the livestream even though some of the promo posters were destroyed!

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