Please continue praying for Cuban Pastor Lorenzo and his family


Date:  April 23, 2022

But the believers who were scattered preached the Good News about Jesus wherever they went. (Acts 8:4 NLT)

A great wave of persecution broke out against the early church. But instead of causing defeat, this brutal oppression was transformed by God into something good, as those who were scattered spread the Gospel far and wide.

For Pastor Lorenzo and his family in Cuba, we continue to pray for his unconditional release, an end to the long-standing campaign against him, and for his family to be reunited. And as Acts 8 reminds us, we pray that God will somehow take this hateful injustice and transform it into something good.

Pastor Lorenzo held in solitary confinement in the run-up to Easter

It’s still vital to keep praying for Pastor Lorenzo in Cuba, who was held in solitary confinement for five days in the run-up to Easter, after complaining to guards that he had not been allowed to attend Sunday services for several weeks. Pastor Lorenzo had the support of other inmates who were present when he complained, and because the guards feared he was becoming a leader within the prison, he was put in isolation.

‘We have eyes and ears everywhere’

Meanwhile, his wife Maridilegnis was interrogated and threatened with prison by State Security agents. She was told that they would ‘be constantly watching her’ and was given the chilling reminder: ‘we have eyes and ears everywhere’.

The reason for the threat: her planned presence at a prayer service for the families of political prisoners. State Security threatened Maridilegnis with prison if she did not cancel the event. Although she explained that she did not organise the service, State Security appear to be holding her responsible regardless.

Please pray:

  • For the prayer service organisers– Pastor Mario Jorge Travieso and his wife Pastor Velmis Adriana Medina – who were also threatened and interrogated for around six hours on 11 April.
  • That the prayer event will be able to go ahead safely and peacefully on 29 and 30 April.
  • That Cuban authorities will cease all harassment of these families, and all who are being targeted because of their religion or belief.

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