This Week At ChinaAid: Guo Feixiong Officially Charged


Date:                       July 29, 2022


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Activist Guo Feixiong Charged 
This week was a sad one as human rights activist Guo Feixiong was officially charged by officials with "inciting subversion of state power" for writing online articles and accepting Radio Free Asia interviews.

The Chinese Communist Party has been notably cruel to Guo. He was barred from visiting the United States to see his sick wife who passed away on January 10th 2022. Officials again refused to let Guo travel to America to bury his wife and comfort their two survived children. 

ChinaAid joined other organizations to host a Protest For Freedom" in late January to call on the CCP to release Guo. Last week, our media team reported on comments from his sister after Guo's defense lawyer had a video meeting with him. He started a hunger strike on December 5th, 2021 and now weighs less than 110 pounds. 

Please keep Guo, his family, and his legal team in your prayers, along with the CCP officials assigned to his case.

Charged For "Organizing Illegal Gatherings"
ChinaAid's media team reported on the trial for Geng Zejun, the leader of Panshi Church, who was charged with "organizing illegal gatherings." Officials recommended an 11-month sentence. 

His wife, He Ying, expressed her gratitude for those who came to the trial. “Thank you all for your prayers, and I implore you to raise your hands together and ask the Lord to strengthen Brother Geng, make him strong and courageous, and filled with the glory of God,” she told ChinaAid. 

Please keep Geng, his wife He, and all members of Panshi Church in your prayers, along with the court officials over his case. 

Catholic Meeting Venue Destroyed 
ChinaAid reported on news about the forced destruction of a gathering venue for a Catholic church in Hebei province. 

Government workers dismantled the gathering site for the underground Catholic church while the diocese bishop was at the hospital. Officials threatened Bishop Dong Baolu in June that his church would be banned if they refused to join the "official" Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association.

Please keep this entire congregation in your prayers along with all Catholics in China. Please also keep the persecutors and local government workers in Hebei province in your prayers.   

Mayflower Church Update From Bob Fu
Check out the latest Bob Fu Report for a brief update on the exiled Mayflower Church in Jeju South Korea. Bob also discusses Xi Jinping's visit to Xinjiang province and other important news concerning China and Taiwan. 

Watch the episode now. Every Bob Fu Report also airs on God's Learning Channel! 

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