Date:  November 4, 2022

Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Unidentified militants have abducted 40 children in an attack on a farm in Katsina state, northern Nigeria. Nigerian newspaper ‘The Premium Times reported that the kidnappers had demanded the payment of 30 million naira (about $70,000 USD) as a ransom.  

The militants have contacted the parents of the children asking for the money. 

The attack took place in the north of the country, which is disconcerting because many attacks were previously concentrated in the northwest states. This shift marks a spread in the region affected by terrorist and militant groups and signals a rising tide of crime across the country.  

HOW TO PRAY: Pray for the immediate safe return of these children. Pray for peace for their families during this painful situation. Pray for healing for the children following this traumatic ordeal.