Date:  November 19, 2022

In John’s Gospel, Jesus tells us that ultimate, unmatched freedom is found in him: 

‘So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.’ (John 8:36)

Pray that this verse will uplift Christians in China as they face severe restrictions to their rights and fundamental freedoms. Pray particularly for the unconditional release of five Christians, who have been detained since early August in a rural area of Yunnan Province. 

Our source believes that the Christians were targeted because they rented a house where they had held a few Christian gatherings and given free guitar and hymn lessons to some young people, which was reported to the police.

Pray for unconditional freedom

All five have been arrested, including Wang Shunping – a preacher and father of two young children. Wang’s lawyer said their arrests are ‘unconstitutional’.

We believe God can work powerfully in every situation, so please pray for their freedom today.

Part of a wider crackdown

Some have observed that the Chinese authorities have been trying to eliminate influences from Western missionaries in Nujiang, Yunnan Province, which has been home to a Christian community since the early 20th century, and where these recent arrests took place. 

You can learn more in our recent report on China, in section three: ‘The Church in the Mountains: rural churches in Yunnan Province’. 

In summary, please pray:

  • For the immediate and unconditional release of these five Christians and all others detained for gathering to practice their faith, as is their fundamental human right.
  • That God would protect Christians in Yunnan Province, and all other vulnerable communities across China, from the ongoing crackdown on freedom of religion or belief.
  • That the international community would raise this and other cases of injustice at every opportunity – such as at the UN Human Rights Council – to show China that it is unacceptable to target anyone because of their religion or belief.