Date:                            February 3, 2023


News & Updates

2023 IRF Summit: ChinaAid At The Forefront 
Your partnership with ChinaAid sent several team members to Washington D.C. this week for the 2023 International Religious Freedom (IRF) Summit, one of the globe's most important coalitions for international religious freedom. 

ChinaAid President Bob Fu spoke on the 'Corporate Accountability for People of Faith in China's Forced Labor System' panel on Tuesday January 31st. Visit ChinaAid's Facebook page for a video of the discussion that also featured Shi Minglei, husband of currently-jailed Chinese activist Cheng Yuan

Pray for all IRF Summit attendees and that they can leave equipped to stand for religious freedom & human rights. 

2023 IRF Summit: Taiwan's Parliamentary Leader In Attendance
You Si-kun, the Speaker of Taiwan's Parliament, spoke at the IRF Summit and said the country is a 'beacon of democracy for Chinese-speaking peoples.' 

Check out Bob's Twitter to see a photo of him with Speaker You!

Pray for Speaker You, all Taiwanese leadership, and all Taiwanese citizens as they stand up for freedom. 

National Rally For Repentance & Prayer
ChinaAid President Bob Fu was in attendance at the 2023 National Rally for Repentance & Prayer at the Bible Museum on February 1st. Check out Bob's Twitter to see photos and videos of the event - more than 25 Members of Congress and numerous other leaders prayed for America and other nations.  

Pray for the leadership in America, Taiwan, and China.  

 Media Appearances

  • Bob Fu shares with Release International how 'Techno-authoritarianism in China has begun to reach new extremes under Xi Jinping in his third term as general secretary of the Chinese Communist party.'

  • Be sure to follow ChinaAid on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to see news, important updates, and media appearances. Bob also has his own Twitter account where he shares important news & human rights updates.

Mayflower Church Update 

A new article from Susan Crabtree of RealClearPolitics covers the plight of the Mayflower Church. The Baptist Standard also published a report on a visit to the congregation from Trent Martin of the human rights group 21Wilberforce. 

Please also say a prayer for Mayflower congregant Lisa as it was recently her birthday! You can spiritually adopt Lisa or any other Mayflower Church family by clicking here.

Did you know you can change the life of a Mayflower Church member for just $5? Join our new $FiveForFreedom campaign to partner to cover daily food expenses for Mayflower Church members. 

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Please also sign up for ChinaAid's new Freedom To Pray prayer initiative to join with others committed to praying for all those religiously oppressed in China. 

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