Date:  February 4, 2023

Now, our God, we give you thanks, and praise your glorious name. (1 Chronicles 29:13)

Praise God! Together we have been praying for complete exoneration for Professor Tarfa in Nigeria for over three years, and those prayers have finally been answered:

Mrs Mercy Tarfa called us last Friday morning to tell us that her husband had been acquitted of forgery by an appeal court. He was released from prison and returned home later that day.

This is incredible news! On hearing the appeal verdict, Mercy told us:

‘Thank you so much for all your prayers and support. I left the court to call you so you can also thank all of my brothers and sisters who prayed and tell them God has answered.’ 

Amen! While we rejoice at this victory, we continue to pray for the release of the 16 Du Merci children who remain in government orphanages, and for Professor Tarfa’s recovery from the health challenges he experienced while in prison. Please pray specifically for his eyesight and a recently injured wrist. 

Why was Professor Tarfa in prison?

Professor Tarfa had been serving a two-year sentence for forgery, after initially being arrested on Christmas Day 2019. Several errors were made by the judge who passed the sentence and who even disregarded credible evidence proving the professor’s innocence.

It appears Professor Tarfa was targeted simply for co-founding and running the Du Merci Christian orphanages for vulnerable children in Kano and Kaduna states.

Professor Tarfa’s acquittal and release fills us with fresh hope, and we must keep praying for the safe return of all the Du Merci children. These children were seized and relocated after his unjust arrest in 2019. Some have suffered injury in the years since, several are deeply traumatised, and the five youngest children, who were separated from their older siblings, may have been converted forcibly.

In summary, please pray:

  • Prayers of thanksgiving for Professor Tarfa’s long-overdue acquittal and release.
  • For reparations to be made to the family for the trauma they have endured over the last three years.
  • For full restoration of Professor Tarfa’s health – specifically his eyesight and wrist.
  • For the return and reunion of all the Du Merci children. Pray for an outpouring of hope, as well as for their physical and mental wellbeing.