Türkiye (MNN) — Türkiye, formerly known as Turkey, tops the headlines again as the fallout from last week’s epic disaster unfolds.

(Photo courtesy of Horizons International)

Millions of earthquake survivors in this country and neighboring Syria desperately need help to survive another day. “Unfortunately, in these areas, there are so many political and ethnic barriers to this aid [reaching survivors],” Pierre Houssney of Horizons International says.

Multilayered complications create a secondary crisis, he continues.

First, there is colossal physical damage. Last week’s earthquakes destroyed critical roads and infrastructure, blocking vehicles carrying essential aid and supplies. The disaster also demolished thousands of homes, leaving communities unprotected from the winter cold.

Then, in Syria, “there are all kinds of sanctions and political reasons why aid is not reaching places that need it most,” Houssney says.

Furthermore, “[there are] ethnic tensions between the Kurdish people and the Turks that have been boiling for centuries.”

The good news? These barriers can’t stop local believers. “Through partners and our staff, we have been getting aid to the most impacted areas,” Houssney says.

“We’ve been sending people into northern Syria and southern Turkey so they can be on the ground, bringing the love of Christ to these people.”

You can help by sending relief through Horizons here.

“Right now, [we need] financial resources to strengthen our presence and aid activity on the ground at a time when we’re standing in a giant gap,” Houssney says.

Ask God to have mercy on earthquake survivors so they can have a chance to hear the Gospel through local believers.


Header and story images courtesy of Horizons International.