Date:  February 2, 2023

Myanmar (International Christian Concern) – The military junta currently ruling Myanmar has extended the nation’s state of emergency for an additional six months. This means that the elections the junta pledged to have in August 2022 will be delayed until the second half of this year.  

Myanmar’s acting president, Myint Swe, said in a statement that the “state of emergency will be extended for another six months starting from February 1.”  

The military rose to power during a February 2021 coup, deposing the democratically elected government. Since then, the country has been in turmoil as the military has violently cracked down on pro-democracy forces and religious minorities due to its Buddhist nationalist agenda.   

ICC has previously reported on the atrocities the military junta has inflicted on Christians in the country. Christians are frequently victims of violent attacks and imprisonment. Several majority-Christian states in the country have been cut off from humanitarian assistance. Churches and other religious buildings have been razed as the junta has attempted to stomp out resistance.   

Please join ICC in praying for Christians and other religious minorities suffering under Myanmar’s oppressive military regime. 

HOW TO PRAY: Pray for the conflict in this nation to peacefully cease. Pray for the election to be held peacefully and fairly. Pray for protection for all those caught in the middle of this conflict.