Haiti (MNN) — What was already a dire food situation in Haiti has gotten worse. For the first time, the United Nations World Food Programme recently rated Haiti at the highest level 5 for catastrophic hunger levels. The risk of famine could easily become reality.

Many issues feed into the hunger crisis. Gangs control most of Port-au-Prince, and inflation is skyrocketing.

For Haiti with Love provides aid to Haitians in the name of Jesus. For Haiti with Love’s Roseline DeHart says, “There is a little food, and a little food that is, the price is very high. People in town are leaving to go back to the countryside because they can’t feed themselves. And the people in the countryside are just eating whatever the trees have in that season.

“It’s very hard right now. Kids are dying of malnutrition. We just want to be able to help however many people we can help.”

For Haiti with Love has requested nutritional rice packets from the organization Feed My Starving Children. It would be enough to feed up to 3,000 people and open doors to Gospel conversations.

“When they get the food, they always thank us and they say they don’t deserve it,” DeHart says. “We explain to them how Jesus died for them.”

However, it’ll cost around $12,000 to ship the nutritional rice packets to Haiti. DeHart says, “We don’t have the money to take it to Haiti yet…. We are praying that we will get the money to ship it…. I know God will step in and we’ll talk to some people and it will be possible. I have faith.”

If you would like to give to For Haiti with Love, click here. Your donation will directly support Haitians in desperate need of food and spiritual hope.

“We would like the people to continue to help us to be God’s hands and feet in Haiti because the people need it and the people are dying of hunger.”

Pray for doors to open so emergency aid can reach those who need it. Ask God to raise up wise, godly leaders in Haiti. And pray for Haitians to know the deepest satisfaction of relationship with Jesus Christ.