Date:                             March 14, 2023



Do you have a heart for freedom? 

If so - jailed human rights activist Zhang Haitao would love to hear from you. 

In fact, Zhang was just allowed in late February to meet his older sister via videoconference after nearly four years of effort. 

According to his wife Li Aijie, who lives in California (you've given her a voice to advocate for her husband), Zhang's older sister Zhang Qingzhen refused to leave Xinjiang and was committed to living in the area until she could see her brother. 

Zhang Haitao was arrested in 2015 for criticizing the Chinese government's treatment of Uyghurs and given a 19-year jail sentence. Please  send Zhang Haitao a letter with spiritual encouragement and positive comments to the below prison address.

Zhang Haitao
Branch Box 9, Box 15,
Shaya County, Xinjiang, China
Zip code: 842208



Thank you for your voice for freedom that partners with so many across the world to encourage brave activists like Zhang Haitao who are unjustly jailed. 

Check out ChinaAid's website for more details on letter writing and a list of other prisoners of conscience you can write to.