Date:                          March 17, 2023


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Thank you for your prayers and support as we stand for freedom and liberty across China in 2023. We'll keep you updated as we stand together with the persecuted faithful this year. You can make a gift to let the persecuted know they are not alone by clicking here.

Here's the latest on religious freedom, human rights, and the rule of law across China. 


Uyghur Christian Temporarily Freed After 15 Years
After a 15-year jail sentence, we at ChinaAid can confirm that Uyghur Christian Alimujiang (Alim) Yimiti was released. 

We don't have many more details to share just yet. Thank you for your prayers and support for Alim and his family during his time in prison. Please keep him and his family in your prayers during this time. Here's how the world has come to know about China's brutality against the Uyghurs since Alim was tried and convicted.

Pray for Alim, his family, all Uyghurs, and their persecutors. 

Police Raid Early Rain Covenant Church
ChinaAid's media team reported on a police raid against Early Rain Covenant Church's Sunday service on March 12th. While police cut off electricity to the Sunday service, Preacher Wu Wuqing kept leading worship. However, some Christians were forced to the ground and beaten and nearly 100 believers were forcibly expelled by police. 

See a photo of Early Rain Covenant Church members sending food and water to fellow arrested Christians while praying for their release. 

Pray for all ERCC church members and their persecutors. 

News Regarding Elder Hao Ming
The defense lawyer for jailed Qingcaodi Church elder Hao Ming met with his client this week. Attorney Zhu revealed that Elder Hao is in good health but wept when his mother was mentioned. In August 2022, officials banned Elder Hao from attending his mom's funeral. His mom started to attend church and became baptized after Elder Hao's father died several years ago. 

Here's what Elder Hao said regarding if he'd forgive those who framed him for "fraud."

Pray for Elder Hao, his family, his legal team, and all Qingcaodi Church members. 

Jailed Rights Activist Suffering From Poor Food
Jailed human rights activist Ding Jiaxi was able to meet with his lawyer via videochat in Shandong province. The lawyer's report revealed food at Ding's prison was of poor quality and the jail does not allow outside food delivery. Despite these trials, Ding insists on exercising each day and expressed gratitude to his friends through his lawyer. 

Here's how you've empowered Ding's wife Luo Shengchun to speak out and advocate for her husband's case in cities like Washington D.C.

Pray for Ding, his family, and the jail officials and guards overseeing him. 



Join faithful brothers and sisters across the global body of Christ in wishing Mayflower Church members Ellen and Jenny a happy birthday!

Check out ChinaAid's updated Mayflower page to see the latest news and stories about the group. Learn more about how you can support Ellen and Jenny's family. 


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