Date:  March 18, 2023

‘You aren’t one of this man’s disciples too, are you?’ she asked Peter. He replied, ‘I am not.’ (John 18:17) 
Peter’s story in the Bible is infamous. He denies even knowing Jesus three times to a servant girl, fearful of the repercussions. He is later racked with guilt and shame.  

Yet God redeems his story. He becomes the ‘rock’ on which Jesus built his church (Matthew 16:18).

Peter’s story is reminiscent of the experiences of many in today’s world. Being a religious minority often comes at great cost, and with the pressure to deny one’s faith.

This week, join us in praying for those who face enormous pressure to renounce their faith:

  • Lord, we pray for miraculous transformation in places where situations feel or seem hopeless.
  • From Sudan to Sri Lanka, we pray that no one will be pressured to deny their faith.
  • We pray for God to redeem the story of every individual who has been forced to choose between their faith or their freedom.
  • We pray for freedom of religion or belief to be respected, and upheld, across the world.
  • And finally, we pray for a day when no one is placed under pressure to renounce their faith.