India (MNN) — In 65 years of ministry, Mission Cry has sent several sea containers with free Bibles and Christian books to India, as well as 177 other nations. The ministry has built positive relationships with local Indian believers who distribute Christian literature.

However, Mission Cry’s president Jason Woolford says, “Just this year, we’re having difficulty getting containers to be allowed in.

“The president of their country has installed anti-conversion laws which have opened the door to radical Hindus to go into many of these areas that we’ve sent where they’ve literally ripped churches right to their foundation.”

(Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

Woolford shares, “Recently, one of our Mission Cry missionaries…went to one of the churches in the Chandigarh area where Christians had paid for outside toilets to be installed, 12 of them, outside of the church for the entire community — regardless of your religion — to use. [But] because Christians put them in, they ripped the church down and the free toilets.”

Yet, intimidation tactics won’t stop the Gospel. Mission Cry is working on sending another shipping container to the Indian city of Chandigarh which will be filled with half a million dollars worth of free Bibles and Christian books to give away.

“In one church in that area, it went from 400 people to 2,000 people in less than one year,” Woolford says. “Christianity is exploding there and they’re trying to stop it, and no man is going to stop what God is doing in that area.”

Many people in India are day laborers, meaning what they work to earn that day is what they must live on until the next day. Books are a luxury day laborers can’t afford, much less a Bible.

The gift of a Bible, even in English, is incredibly valuable in several parts of India. Woolford explains, “English is the financial language of the world,” and Mission Cry only sends their Bibles and Christian books where English texts are wanted and useful.

This container to India will cost roughly $11,000 to ship. You can give to Mission Cry’s India project here!

Also, Woolford asks for prayer “that we have continued favor with clearing agents there. Then also, they can be praying…for sustainability for our brothers and sisters in their faith while they’re going through these things…that they know they’re not forgotten about. And they’ll know they’re not forgotten about because people like us and those that are listening come to their aid with the Word of God.”


Header photo courtesy of Paul Silvan via Unsplash.