Date:                          May 16, 2023


One killed, one injured in Allied Democratic Forces attack on delivery truck. 
05/16/2023 Democratic Republic of the Congo (International Christian Concern) — Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) killed one during an attack in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).  

A truck driver, identified as Wangeve Ghislain, was shot to death Sunday morning along the Beni-Kasindi road at the Kalindumbu, and his truck was set ablaze. He and his assistant were ambushed as they made the early morning trip to deliver goods. Wangeve’s assistant escaped with injuries.  

The villagers of Kalindumbu blamed the rebels affiliated with the Islamic State jihadist group for their continued attacks on innocent Christians who work hard to make ends meet.  

“What benefit does it bring them [ADF] when they kill us? We are all working hard to provide for our needs and the needs of all the Congolese people, but these attacks have been a setback to the development of the region, despite the ongoing Congolese and Uganda Armies’ joint operation to clear the ADF rebels from the territory,” said one resident.  

The incident occurred two days after the Semuliki crossing point ambush, leaving three people dead, vehicles burned, and a boat destroyed.  

In a separate attack, seven people were injured when the ADF rebels launched a night assault in Katongo fields in Kasindi on May 12, looting their livestock and causing many Christians to flee from their farms.  

Religious leaders in Nord Kivu have called upon the government to protect people against the ADF Islamist group that has caused instability in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for two decades.  

“These recent incursions are just the tip of an iceberg, as we, the Congolese people, continue to bear the brunt of terror from this group almost every day as many cases go unreported,” continued the resident. “We have lost four people in four days, and if we were to go by statistics, one Christian is killed every day in Eastern DRC. We urge the government to tighten security and intensify the operation to keep all people safe from these terrorists.” 

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