Iran (MNN) — According to the United Nations, over ten people are executed weekly in Iran. Iran’s regime is trying to suppress the biggest challenge to its authority in decades.

Young people throughout the nation are pushing back against Islamic doctrine.

“The Islamic government doesn’t allow for freedom of ideas or speech. The way they teach the Koran is you memorize it and spout it back. You don’t question or debate it,” International Media Ministries President Denise Godwin says.

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“There’s a very fast-growing community of believers in Iran,” Godwin says.

Emergencies in other parts of the world may have pushed Iran out of the spotlight, but “we need to be careful not to imagine everything’s okay now for the young people or the Christians in this part of the world,” Godwin says.

“There is wrestling on Earth as well as in the powers and the principalities of the air right now. It’s so important to pray for the powers of darkness to be broken.”

Ask the Lord to encourage Christians in Iran and surround them with His peace. “Pray [believers] can be strong under pressure to convert or give up their faith,” Godwin requests.

“Most of our Islamic-background friends who’ve changed to become believers are [constantly] saying, ‘Pray that I can be strong.’ We can do these things tangibly as we watch a culture wrestling for its future identity.”


Header image courtesy of IMM.