Date:                             May 18, 2023


"Worshipping Marx, Engles, Lenin, and Stalin is correct...," Chinese Communist Party Chairman Mao Zedong said in 1958... "because truth is in their hands."

Today's Chinese Communist Party says truth is in their new 'Smart Religion' app that forces citizens to register and 'get approval' to attend a religious service. 

But keywords like 'Christianity' and 'Catholicism' are not allowed on the Smart Religion app! It's clear the only 'truth' the CCP wants citizens to follow is Xi Jinping Thought.

Right now, officials in Beijing are experimenting with this tool in Henan province, known as China's Jerusalem for it's large number of Christians!  

Here's how you can help stop Smart Religion right in its tracks.

The Communist Party often experiments with new tools and policies in a limited area. 

If you and others remain silent and do not speak out - CCP officials will get the green light to take Smart Religion nationwide.

There's no better time than now with Smart Religion still in its pilot phase to help shut down this totalitarian tool. 

An immediate gift of $100, $50, $25…or any amount you can empowers local lawyers to challenge Smart Religion via any avenues they can... and equips our advocacy team to work closely with human rights leaders across the globe to demand the CCP halt any more plans for Smart Religion.

Serving the persecuted with you,

Bob Fu, ChinaAid President