Nepal (MNN) — Persecutors target churches and believers in Nepal. Seven churches have been attacked in the last two weeks. Two pastors were assaulted in the street near one of the churches last Monday.

Meanwhile, two men were arrested and taken to court for street preaching in Nepal’s capital city. Nepal’s constitution protects religious freedom, but certain laws make changing or sharing your faith illegal. Yet, Gospel work continues.

“Jesus promised that we will be persecuted, so we shouldn’t be surprised when that happens. But at this point, the Gospel is going unabated through Nepal,” Greg Yoder of Keys for Kids Ministries says.

Sharing your faith can get you a six-year prison term in Nepal, but thankfully, “these laws are not affecting our partners whatsoever,” Yoder says.

“[Our partners] been able to hand out Keys for Kids [devotionals] and the Keys for Kids Storytellers. They can also have their regular [radio] programming where they’re sharing the Gospel regularly with Brother Philip.”

Keys for Kids began its partnership with Good News Nepal in early 2020. Today, “our partners now have 24 radio stations that are broadcasting Christian programming, including Keys for Kids programming,” Yoder says.

“We’re seeing such church growth in the far northwest part of Nepal; it’s an unreached area of the world.”

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“We need about $300,000 to finish our year-end, which is in September, not to cancel some programming or at least put off some programming,” Yoder says.


Header image courtesy of Keys for Kids Ministries.