India (MNN) — A new report shows violence against Christians in India is rising at an alarming rate.

On Thursday, the United Christian Forum based in New Delhi reported 525 violent incidents against Indian Christians within the first eight months of 2023 — up from 505 incidents over the entirety of 2022.

Notably, the report doesn’t even include incidents from Manipur as many parts of that state are still inaccessible. Tribal Christians in Manipur are being targeted and killed by the majority Meitei ever since conflict erupted in May this year.

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

Regan Miller with Mission India says Christian persecution in India takes many forms. “Some people lose their lives in the worst case scenario. Other times, pastors are attacked [and] churches are burned down.

“[There are] some things we don’t think of too. Like if someone becomes a Christian, the locals might cut them off from the village water supplies so that they can’t access water. Or I’ve heard stories where someone becomes a Christian and the village leaders tell everyone not to hire that person for a job or not to allow them in the local shop to buy groceries.”

To help you learn and pray, Mission India is releasing a week-long devotional leading to the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP) on November 5.

Mission India works with and encourages Christians in India suffering for the name of Jesus.

Miller shares, “They don’t say that their prayer is for persecution to end. They say that their prayer is for courage and for the ability to keep spreading the Gospel. They’re so confident in their faith and so strong in following Jesus that it’s all worth it for them.

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

“That’s what you’ll find in this devotional as we highlight the story of one of these families. I won’t give too many spoilers but it’s really amazing to see how they respond.”

Sign-ups for Mission India’s devotional are open now! Click here to sign up.

Churches can also register for Mission India’s free devotional and receive a Church Resource Pack. It includes videos, announcement slides, a bulletin insert, and the study itself.

In the meantime, pray for our persecuted Christian brothers and sisters in India. Ask the Lord to give them the courage and strength they desire to witness His love to their oppressors. Pray for softening hearts to the Gospel across India.


Header photo courtesy of Mission India.