India (MNN) — India’s security agencies warn that dormant terrorist groups are now active in Manipur’s ongoing conflict. Militant groups mingle with mobs during protests to stoke further tensions.

Meanwhile, state police recovered “a large quantity of explosives” on Monday. Since the ethnic war began on May 3, thousands of weapons have been stolen from police stations and academies.

Authorities report that widespread violence has mostly subsided in Manipur, but flare-ups continue.

Small villages in Manipur are receiving much-needed supplies donated by Bibles For The World! You can still help send relief supplies for those who really need them.
(Photo, caption courtesy of Bibles For The World)

“Our hospital has been running from day one. We’ve been treating the victims of the violence and those from the displacement camps,” John Pudaite of Bibles For The World says.

Manipur’s ethnic conflict hasn’t stopped despite international condemnation. More than 70,000 people have been displaced, and over 200 have died. Christians from both ethnic groups are disproportionately targeted, and the conditions in displacement camps are subpar.

“There are 106 camps in the southern part of the state now, with close to 35,000 internally displaced people,” Pudaite says.

“We’ve been providing rice and food and other non-food essentials [like] disinfectant soap, mosquito nets, mattresses, and raincoats for the volunteers. [We are] hoping that no contagious diseases break out.”

Bibles For The World leaned on its long history in Manipur to organize a response when the violence began. Today, they need your help to keep it going.

“The scope of it is overwhelming for a ministry our size, but we’re doing all we can,” Pudaite says.

“God continues to provide. He’s showing up and doing miracles along the way, too.”

For example, Bibles For The World previously received supplies for its hospital, seminary, and schools in “the hills” through a supply chain operating in Manipur’s “valley” region.

“Everything came through the Central Valley and the capitol city,” Pudaite explains.

However, when fighting began between the Meitei, the majority Hindu people group of the valley, and the Kuki, the minority Christian group located in the hills, normal operations came to a screeching halt. Yet God is faithful, and He makes a way for His followers.

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“We’ve had to work out completely different supply chains from one state through another state, through treacherous back roads,” Pudaite says.

“One of our schools had to have report cards brought in by helicopter so they could announce results in the statewide exam.”


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