Date:                            September 13, 2023



How can an ordained Chinese Catholic Bishop be charged with "impersonating religious personnel." 

Your partnership empowered our media team to report on this sobering and until-now, uncommon persecution tactic by the Chinese Communist Party. 

Government officials brought Father Yang Xiaomng to court...convicted him...and imposed a range of punishments like a fine because he refused to join the state-sanctioned Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association! 

Father Yang was accused of impersonating a priest even though he was legitimately ordained. Did you know our reporters even found out that religious affairs officials acknowledged Father Yang's certificate of ordination as legitimate and valid in court?

Sadly...he was still harshly persecuted for "carrying out religious activities under the guise of a religious personnel."

Please pray for Father Yang and anyone else suffering from the false charge of "impersonating religious personnel" because they refuse to mix the Bible with socialism! Our persecuted brothers and sisters do not forget your heart for religious freedom and human rights. 

P.S:  Father Yang appealed his punishment in court and asserted his ordination was legitimate. Equip Christian legal teams with the resources they need to effectively argue and appeal against legally unjust penalties with a gift to ChinaAid's Religious Freedom Defense Fund.