Pakistan (MNN) — Recovery efforts continue in a Christian community ransacked by a mob last month in Pakistan.

“Praise the Lord, no life was lost here,” Brian Dennett with AMG International says.

“But with winter coming and people still in temporary shelters, it is heartbreaking. People lost almost all of their possessions.”

Despite this tragic, heartbreaking attack, Christians in Pakistan remain steadfast in their faith. Pray for continued courage and strength.
(Photo courtesy of AMG International)

After an extremist group accused two Christians of blasphemy, hundreds of Muslims stormed the believers’ neighborhood on August 16. The mob looted and torched dozens of homes, businesses, and churches.

Dennett says attackers used a potent chemical that caused the concrete roofs to melt.

“Fortunately, we have AMG’s home base very close to Jaranwala, where this awful thing happened,” he continues.

“We were able to identify 90 homes that were affected. We’re continuing to provide food and clothing and helping [believers] replace some of their necessary belongings.”

Rising Islamic extremism has fueled discrimination and intolerance across Pakistan, says Niala Mohammad, a former South Asia analyst at the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.

Believers face the threat of persecution “pretty much constantly,” Dennett says.

“Being a Christian in Pakistan comes at great risk. And yet, their faith has shown to be unwavering.”

Help persecuted Christians in Jaranwala rebuild their lives through AMG International.

“We’re hoping to raise around $20,000 in the upcoming weeks to help 100 families,” Dennett says.

“At the same time, [our national leader] is a lawyer working to advocate for Christians and hopefully have more protection for them. Without going into a lot of detail, our leader is advocating with the local government [to recognize] that our brothers and sisters deserve the right to practice what they believe in their communities.”


Header and story images courtesy of AMG International.