Date:                            September 29, 2023



Family meets with jailed activist 
ChinaAid's media team reported on the prison visit with pro-democracy activist Wang Bingzhang, who was confirmed alive after a four-year gap between visits by family members. His brother Wang Bingwu wrote how Bingzhang "clearly looks much older and has lost a lot of weight. He was very emotional." Here's how Wang Bingzhang's family has tirelessly worked for his release since 2003.

Pray for Wang's health and for officials to release him from jail on compassionate grounds. 

Guo Feixiong's health declining
Sadly, jailed activist Guo Feixiong continues to decline in health, with some reports noting that his weight has dropped to 91 pounds. Guo's older sister has tried to work with officials to help her brother receive better nutrition and medical care. Here's a photo of Guo in Sihui Prison.

Pray for Guo's health and physical restoration, and for his persecutors. 

Christians evicted after church banned 
Leaders and members of Guangzhou Huajing Christian Church have been forced to move, with officials also installing security cameras outside some homes. The church was banned in August 2023, with believers threatened with subpoenas. Read the prayer from Early Rain Covenant Church to Guangzhou Huajing

Pray for this persecuted congregation, and their CCP persecutors.  

Pastor faces penalties after church raid
Pastor Yang Jianxun has faced several administrative penalties after officials raided Muxuan House Church in Henan on July 30th. Pastor Yang faced interrogation and a search of his home by police, while any books that did not have an ISBN were confiscated. Here's how Pastor Yang has appealed the charges.

 Pray for Pastor Yang, his family, Muxuan Church, and their persecutors. 

Human rights lawyer held without verdict
Detained human rights lawyer Li Yuhan, who has been arrested since October 2017, looks aged and frail according to ChinaAid sources. Her lawyer He Wei met with district court officials in September to discuss the case. Lawyer He argued the charges against her were groundless since she has been detained without a verdict. Read how Li is known as the 'big sister' across the Chinese human rights community due to her compassion.

Pray for Li, her legal team, and her persecutors.  


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