Iran (MNN) — Opposition groups demand to see security footage after an attack by Iran’s morality police leaves a 16-year-old girl in a coma. Meanwhile, an imprisoned Iranian woman received the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize for her fight against oppression.

Last year’s anti-government uprising strengthened the push for a secular democracy in Iran. However, calls for freedom rise again, Hormoz Shariat of Iran Alive Ministries issued a warning.

Dr. Hormoz Shariat responds to the World Evangelical Alliance’s recent partnership with Iran to host a U.N. forum on religion and human rights.
(Photo courtesy of Iran Alive Ministries)

Overthrowing the current regime may not yield positive results long-term in the Iranian context.

“They (Iranians) all want secular democracy, and we will likely have that. But it will not last long because democracy is based on values,” Shariat says.

“Democracy in Islamic nations does not work. Even if you force it, it doesn’t stay.”

Revolution has been part of Iran’s history for more than a century. Today, a nationwide resistance movement is steadily gaining momentum.

“The government’s weakness; the people turning against and away from Islam and the government; these are notable trends. Based on those trends and what’s happening in the hearts of people, you know that this (the regime’s fall) will happen sooner or later,” Shariat says.

“Initially, it will be better, but people will be disillusioned because they’re not ready,” he continues.

“They have such an idealistic, unreal expectation, so there will be a failure of democracy in Iran. And I see that as a good thing in the future.”

Shariat points to 2018 unrest to explain his expectation of a “good thing.” Protests against the rising cost of food and fuel five years ago led to a severe government crackdown.

The protestors “were mostly very devout Muslims, faithful to the government. The government killed 1,500 of them in a matter of days,” Shariat says.

“That segment of society suddenly woke up [and thought,] ‘I’m supporting this government, and it’s killing me and my children. They don’t care about my life,’” he continues.

“Right after that, we saw a surge in the number of salvations on our 24/7 satellite channel – 10 to 20 times more – because that segment of society turned away from the government.”

Pray the Iranian people will trust Jesus for salvation instead of government. Consider supporting Iran Alive Ministries’ efforts to make Christ known in Iran.

“This is the time to work in Iran. Jesus says to work while it’s day; don’t fall asleep because there will be a night,” Shariat says.


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